Freelance Heroes  featured ADS Agency/Shakuntla Joshi in its February focus – Listed to the discussion around Kaizen on SoundCloud.


alpha delta sierra, ads agency, is a london-based creative house

ADS Agency is a marketing agency focused on building London’s brilliance.


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Join the #free Federation of Small Business (FSB) Surrey virtual meeting on 19 May 2023 at noon and hear an ADS Agency team member speak about ‘Taking marketing ideas from big business’.   Covered will be ideas for b2b marketing, offline marketing and digital marketing.  

Taking marketing ideas from big business‘. register for free

Joes Steward of Seahaven FM interviewed Shakuntla Joshi as part of International Women’s Day 2023.  The discussion covered a variety of of topics including wellbeing, music and the set up of the ADS marketing agency.

The Global Mix with Joel Stewart’ (starts around 17m). LISTEN 

Freelance Heroes interviewed Shakuntla Joshi in its February focus – the discussion covered a variety of marketing topics.

Freelance Heroes‘. More information

At the Federation of Small Business (FSB) West London in-person Network

 meeting on 16 February 2023, ADS Agency presented on

Attracting customers to your website‘. More information. 

At the Federation of Small Business (FSB) East London and Borders Virtual Network

on 26 January 2023, ADS Agency presented on

Attracting customers to your website‘. More information

At the Federation of Small Business (FSB) Surrey Virtual Network

on 18 November, ADS Agency presented on ‘Attracting customers to your website‘.




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Extensive marketing experience in business-to-business (b2b) and business-to-consumer (b2c) sectors. 

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I wouldn’t have been able to start and sustain my business during the pandemic without ADS Agency. Regular communication and  the follow-up of ideas is most useful.





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Following a website review from ADS Agency, I’ve had the ability to improve my website, attract new customers and solidify my position versus competitors.                                        



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Since 2018, we’ve collaborated well to ensure the continued success of London Bike Hub.







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A full service creative agency set up for all your marketing and communication needs.  

We bring you b2b and b2c techniques acquired over the last two decades.  

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